How do I finance my car?

It seems silly, but most people who decide to ask for a loan are to finance a car.

Cars financed without a payroll, financing your car , financing your car without interest, financing your second-hand car, financing your car online, financing your new car or kilometer zero are some of the questions that people ask themselves at the time of finance your car.

Cars financed without payroll

Cars financed without payroll

Although it is not necessary to have a payroll to finance your car, if it is necessary to have another source of income for it. This is the case of the self-employed and pensioners.

In the case of the self-employed, to be able to finance their car without a payroll, they will have to present their income tax declaration or IRPF in order to be able to justify that they receive a remuneration and that they can meet the payment of the financing of their vehicle. aff i?offer id=22&aff id=1291&file id=435

On the other hand, pensioners who are already retired or because they have another type of pension will have to justify that with their pension they can face the payment of the financing of their car and the interest. However, age here plays an important role in the approval or not of our application.

Currently, the options of financed cars without payroll have increased, as long as we have other income that justifies that we can pay the financing by other means.

For such financing we can go to our bank, to private lenders to other banks and of course to the concessionaires and the P2P lending platforms.

Financing a car or paying it to the count?

Financing a car or paying it to the count?

Oddly enough, buying a financed car is usually more profitable than paying for it in cash. This is possible because, with the arrival of the crisis, the banking entities stopped offering loans for the financing of vehicles and it was the stores themselves, the dealers who opted to make the most of the crisis by offering such financing by recovering it then in the form of interest; so a financed car can leave you for less price than one paid .

Financing a new car, second hand or kilometer zero

Financing a new car, second hand or kilometer zero

Kilometer zero cars are one of the best-selling options in our country.

In August, the sale of these vehicles increased by almost 50%, this is due to the entry into force of the new WLTP approval cycle, which replaced the old NEDC homologation cycle from September 1. This change has caused that dealers can not sell or finance new cars that still have the old homologation cycle so that the financing of zero kilometer cars has risen like foam.

However, the purchase of financed second-hand cars is usually also a good option, since it is usually considered to have a low price and lower depreciation.

And, of course, we do not leave behind the financing of new vehicles in which you bet for sure in terms of car quality.

Financing a car is possible, and you can do it either by combining loans or directly requesting a loan.

On the Internet many options are offered to compare and find the appropriate financial institution for your needs.


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