Buy a car? The tips you don’t want to miss!

There is hardly a more comfortable feeling of freedom than the one when you sit in your own car and can drive exactly where you want. Whether it is to a secluded beach on a hot summer day, whether it is about not having to wait for the bus in minus degrees or simply a necessity for you who live in the countryside, making your own car life more flexible and easy.

Going out on the road and knowing that you can drive exactly where you want, even if it is just to buy home heavy groceries or a long trip to the country, your own car will undoubtedly create a sense of freedom and make life much easier.

Find the right car for you


Buying a car that suits you and your needs is very important. Of course, it can be easy to get hungry for a car that feels more exciting than a practical car, like a sports car for example, with it may not be something that fits into your everyday life. So it is important to crystallize what kind of needs you have. If you have a large family, you need a car that has room for wholesale, children and carts.

If you instead need a smooth car that you can quickly and smoothly maneuver into narrow parking doors in the city requires a completely different kind of car. The same applies if it is important that the car is fuel efficient, has a large cargo space or that it is environmentally friendly. So it is important to find out exactly which parameters are important to you and what kind of car can satisfy your specific needs.

Depreciation – cars usually lose value

Depreciation - cars usually lose value

It’s easy to forget that a new car is rapidly losing value. This is something that you should include in your calculations when you are facing a new car purchase. Including that in the calculation will give you a good overview that is consistent with how the value of the car will actually look over time.

This in turn allows you to more realistically count on and see what your finances will look like in the future. Including this in the calculations and seeing what the actual monthly cost of the car will be will enable you to make a realistic choice of car. So that you can feel satisfied, both on the road and in your wallet.

Make sure you have everything on paper

When you are about to buy a car, it is extremely important that you go through the car carefully. You as a buyer are responsible for inspecting the car and making sure it is in the condition the seller claims. You have a duty to investigate which means that in order to be sure that you are buying the car you think you need to take certain steps to make sure this is correct.

This means that you need to inspect the car, go through previous owner’s history and service books. Of course you test drive the car and when you inspect the car you do so with an independent party. This gives you all the necessary information so that you can see that the price of the car is reasonable in comparison to the condition in which it actually is.

Purchase contracts – clear to both you and the seller


Writing a purchase contract is a and o when you make a car purchase with a private person. With the purchase contract, you have replied to white everything you have agreed on and this avoids any misunderstandings.

It becomes clear exactly how the purchase is going and you can always go back to the purchase contract if you discover something that is not right with the car. The purchase contract is drawn up in two copies, one for you and one for the seller. It is extremely important to sign a purchase contract in the event of a dispute and a case going to court.

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